Sunday, September 16, 2007

I finally have a use-able craft room!

My husband has taken an extended trip back to Bolivia. I was really bummed at first, but then I thought.. what better time than now to change any and everything in the house, with no repercussions! OK. Painted the den, changed my daughter's bedroom, and I completely took over the other bedroom. For the last year and a half, all of my stuff has been cramped and crowded into yes, my bedroom. Let me ask you guys something: do you like to stamp in front of your husband? I don't. So I didn't. and my stuff sat. and sat. and sat. Last month, I took back my house! Buh-buh-bum (imagine the music!) I painted, bought furniture and unpacked my stuff. I always try to do one or two craft sales, so it is just in time. Here are some shots of the room. I have been seeing all these posts of killer craft rooms in certainly celery, and cool Caribbean. Not me. I painted it to match a bunch of ceramics that I got when I lived in Madrid Spain for 4 years. I bought all kinds of trinkets from Croatia, the Netherlands, Spain and Bolivia. I unpacked that stuff to and have put it out in my favorite room in the house. My craft room. Me and Katie spend lots of time here, but it is never a waste of time with her!

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