Sunday, September 30, 2007

I am dying oh how cute these things are!

I saw a post on how to make hot chocolate holder purse things out of scrapbook paper. Do you know how much paper I have? Do you know how many projects I buy new paper for and forget about it, then buy more? Well, I am using it up! These purses are adorable and I finally get to use my cropadile as an eyelet setter. Four years ago, I bought probably $100 worth of eyelets and they have sat in a box. This cropadile is so incredible and fast! My craft sale is on Saturday, so I am going to see how these do. I love using up stuff I have here at the house to sell!

I was ultra shocked to see some comments on here. I didn't even know people could see this blog. This is really kind of an experiment for me. I need to see how much time this takes, and how much time I have. Until then, if anyone feels like looking, look on!

Have lots of fun!


Jackie said...

Those are wonderful - I would love to see more of your work.

Nikki Devine said...

Janet McCarter, is it you? It looks like you so I hope it is!It's Nikki Jeffery here (Madrid), remember me? Hope I have found the right person! Hope to hear from you soon if so! love Nikki x